Scey-sur-Saône et St-Albin



Built in an amphitheatrical shape along the banks of the Saône river, this “Petite Cité Comtoise de Caractère” will charm you. Here and there, you will discover some beautiful houses possessing a tower. The former forge, adorned with rock sculptures illustrating the history of ironwork, is one of them. The city was also marked by the Princes of Bauffremont. Discover their story along a walk that will bring you to the stables of the former castle.

Near Saint-Albin, you will discover one of the most impressive pieces of architecture of the valley of the Saône: the tunnel of Saint-Albin. 681 meters long, it was built under Napoleon III empire. This underground canal is classified Historical Monument. It is an ideal place to take a walk and to sit back.


Des Combes à la Saône
32 Rue A.Paulmard
70360 Scey sur Saône